How To Stand Out In The Job Market

Reporter: Lauren Compton

Lynchburg, VA - With a packed and competitive job market, it's important to make yourself stand out.

Even people with years of experience and polished resumes are being turned away.

"There have been so many dislocated workers out in the market looking for jobs. The market is glutted. Employers have a large pool of qualified workers to choose from," said Deborah Alfers, manager of the Region 2000 Career Center.

But job counselors say with the right techniques, job seekers can weed through this by knowing the market.

"Do your research. Make sure you understand the company you are trying to get a job with," said Michele Fletcher, Academic Counselor for Central Virginia Community College.

You can get expert help with a few clicks and taps of the keyboard. Virginia Workforce Connection is a one stop shop for navigating the state's job market. Their website shows what is available, and a rundown of everything you can expect from the career.

Also, pay close attention to the job description. Alfers says it will help you write a stronger resume.

"You need to go back to your resume and make sure that your resume skills reflect the that are in the job posting," said Alfers.

And experts say one resume isn't enough anymore. You have to change it up for each job you are applying for.

Your cover letter is your chance to sell yourself and a chance to show your personality

"Good communication skills, good interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, diplomacy - these are very important in the workplace," said Fletcher.

Once you land the interview, Fletcher says most employers want to know, "What's In It for Me." Be clear on what you can offer.

"Let them know hey I can hit the ground running. I can come in here and get immediate results for you," said Fletcher.

Fletcher says it's that kind of confidence that employers love and could lead to those two words every job seeker wants to hear: "You're Hired."

The Region 2000 Career Center has a wealth of tools for job seekers. In the future they plan to create a Job Club to bring job seekers together.

Click here for a link to the Virginia Workforce Connection website.