How to Prepare Elderly for Next Storm

Lynchburg, VA- The violent wind storm that hit our area over the summer caught a lot of elderly people in our community off guard.

The storm knocked out power to thousands, and left many senior citizens without the basic things they needed to survive. Area nurses are making sure this time, they are prepared.

"Obviously it is very important for everyone to be prepared in case of an emergency such as this but especially the elderly, because they have other dynamics that play into preparing for the emergencies," said Temika Younger, of Generation Solutions.

Younger says there is a checklist of things the elderly should have. She says senior citizens need a proper supply of their medications. They also need a supply of bottled water.

Also, it's important to have non-perishable food items in case of a loss of power. And finally, make sure to have contact information for a doctor or family members in case of an emergency.