How to Help: Sandy Hook Elementary School

Campbell Co., VA - A lot of people want to help when it comes to Sandy Hook Elementary School and are wondering "how" or "what" they can do. The Newtown Memorial Fund is now set up and support is pouring in from all over the nation. In Campbell County, one man has set out to raise $10,000 in two weeks to build a memorial at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

James Marvin, Owner of NAPA of Central Virginia Pool League wants the community to band together to help the victims of this tragedy. He has created a pool tournament to bring in the bucks. So far, the response has been great.

"We raised $638 that first night," said Marvin. "We've raised $1,000 in the first three days."

Marvin hopes to break his goal of raising $10,000 to build a memorial.

"I want it on the school ground at Sandy Hook Elementary school," said Marvin. "All 26 victims' names being in an individual heart."

He plans to raise the money in two pool tournaments that will take place simultaneously December 29th.

"You can come out and support the cause, come out and donate some money just come out, hang out and have a good time," said Chris England, Owner, Club House Bar and Billiards.

One of the tournaments will take place here at the Club House Bar and Billiards on Timberlake Road in Campbell County. Marvin says 90% of the proceeds from the tournament will go toward a fund to build a memorial, the remaining 10% will be prize money. But 100% of the funds raised outside of the tournament will also go to the cause. It is a cause that still has not sunk in for many.

"It's devastating. I don't know how else to put it," said Susan Kinsinger, Franchise Owner, American Poolplayers Association.

"That could happen here in town as well. Esp with what happened in Blacksburg not too long ago. Something like this can happen in the snap of a finger, the blink of an eye," said England.

"I think anyone with children that's getting ready to celebrate their Christmas holiday with their family can relate to the fact that unfortunately these families are getting ready to bury their children for Christmas," said Marvin.

Click here to be directed to the Newtown Memorial Fund.

Other ways to get involved:

Boonsboro Elementary School in Lynchburg will hold a candlelight vigil Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the school. Anyone can attend.

Billiards Tournament: December 29, 2012. Club House Bar and Billiards. Doors open at 11:00 a.m., tournament starts at noon.