How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Hot Summer

Lynchburg, VA-It's nearly time to start taking those summer vacations. And if you plan on making any road trips, you might want to pay some extra attention to your vehicle first. As the temperatures rise, so does the possibilities of your vehicle having trouble with the heat. There are several things you can do inside and out of your car to help it survive the sunny months ahead.

First, you need to take care of your car's paint job because the sun can do a number on it. Daniel Laslie, President of Laslie's Auto Body, says to wash and wax your car once or twice this summer to protect your vehicle from the sun's UV rays. Don't over-wax it though, because Laslie says wax buildup can do just as much harm.

Also, pay attention to your vehicle's interior, especially if you have leather seats. You're going to want to use a conditioner to make sure that leather doesn't crack.

Mechanically, here are a couple things Laslie says you'll want to pay the most attention to:

"Belts and hoses, your water pump and the thermostat. That's traditional summertime problems. The car starts to overheat, people ignore it, and then when it gets real hot that exacerbates the problem and then... pow! You got a belt or a hose that will just go out."

Also, make sure you have plenty of freon and anti-freeze to keep you and your vehicle from over-heating.