How to Ease that Holiday Post Office Rush

Lynchburg, VA - The U.S. Post Office has some tips for you during this season of shipping.

For starters, to make the post office stop quicker, have your address all filled out on the package before you get to the counter. If you're sending a gift, get a strong box.

Check out the shipping deadline, so your gift gets out on time, there are a handful. For starters, you must put first class mail in the box December 20 - just ask a customer.

"It's just really long. Because some of them can't get in the door," said Hunter Paige.

"I'm surprised I could get in here, I'll tell you the truth. Going by I said, 'I'll take a chance.' Yesterday I went by this time, it was mobbed. I don't know why it's not mobbed now," said Louis Shann.

For more shipping advice, check out the Post Office's Holiday blog.