How Detours Will Affect School Bus Drivers in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Detour after detour in Lynchburg for several projects, including Phase 2 of the Midtown Connector. Langhorne Road between Memorial Avenue and Park Avenue is closed to southbound traffic, parts of 5th Street is closed. The Wards Road Bridge, near the Candlers Mountain Road intersection, has one lane closed each way, and a section of James Street is also under construction.

So what does it all mean for the start of school?

Lynchburg City School officials released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying "Construction is something that comes up every year, and we work around construction as needed so that we can best serve our students."

Lynchburg City Schools' bus trainer Mike Harmon says bus staff completes 24 hours of classroom and road time training before they are allowed to hit the roads. On top of that, staff has to undergo driver training twice a year -- every year.

On Wednesday, there was an employee actually being trained on how to drive through tight construction sites. Harmon wants to reassure parents that their kids will be safe.

"Our main goal is to make sure that we get their children to and from school safely; that is our motto at Lynchburg City Schools because we do promote excellence for all," he said.

One thing to note is that students may get home a little bit later than what's listed on their schedule because of all the detours.