House of Delegates Race for 22nd District Heats Up

Lynchburg, VA -Delegate Kathy Byron faces her first challenger to represent the 22nd district in 10 years. Katie Cyphert threw her hat into the ring on Monday.

Katie Cyphert and Delegate Kathy Byron are two women who both agree they disagree when it comes to each other policies. Both women say they're anxious to hit the campaign trail and meet with voters.

"Her [Cyphert's] views were in total opposition to the views that I carry and my record in the Virginia General Assembly," Byron said.

"Looking at her [Byron's] policies I was pretty disappointed with the policies I have seen her pursue in Richmond," Cyphert said.

Byron and Cyphert both want to go to Richmond in 2014, but both have a different priority once they get there.

"As a pro business woman I believe if we don't have a strong business economy that it all starts and ends right there, because we have to have opportunities," said Byron.

"I am passionate about public education, I think there is nothing more equal opportunity and not equal outcome than public education. It is really important component of our future workforce development," Cyphert said.

Cyphert says she disagreed with Byron's social issues playing a major role in the 2012 General Assembly.

"The focus on social issues hurt our reputation, our business reputation. Central Virginia is a wonderful place to live," Cyphert said.

Byron says her campaign is about more than social issues, but also says she stands behind her record.

"If my opponent wants to talk to me about social issues, I'm ready to answer her questions and have a good debate on that," said Byron.

Both Byron and Cyphert are running unopposed for their parties' nomination. If no one else decides to join the race, they will be on the ballot this November.