Homestead Creamery in Franklin Co. Receives National Grant

Franklin Co., VA - A family-owned company in Franklin County is being recognized and rewarded on the national level.

Homestead Creamery is getting federal grant money to expand its business.

Soon the local company will have two new dairy products bearing the Homestead Creamery name.

When the staff of one locally owned business saw a great opportunity... they milked it for all it's worth. In this case - $100,000.

"To receive the $100,000 here locally and put it in to local economy and be able to boost our business is a great opportunity for us," said Nancy Overton.

Overton, who oversees marketing for Homestead Creamery, applied for the USDA grant. One of only 100 awarded nationwide and one of only eight in Virginia.

"It's so refreshing to know that we have an opportunity to even go for federal money to help in our local economy," said Overton.

Inside the creamery's Franklin County store, you'll find the company's milk, ice cream, and butter.

This money is the first step in churning out two new product lines according to Operations Vice President Mike Grisetti.

"Yogurt wise, we're hoping to buy that pasteurizer and get started with yogurt this year. Hopefully you'll see that in stores this year. Cheese is a lot bigger process. But we're hoping that in 2014 we'll start processing cheese," he said. "We want to be a creamery that offers a buffet of products and this will fit perfect."

"They love our product. They love our ice cream and milk and it's just a natural addition to do cheese and yogurt," said Overton.

Grisetti says the yogurt will first be available at the Homestead Creamery store and to those on their home delivery routes.

It will take a little bit longer to work out all the details to get it in grocery stores.