Homes & Businesses Still Without Power in Roanoke County & City

Roanoke Co., VA - At the peak of the outages, more than 32,000 Appalachian Power customers were out of power in Roanoke and Roanoke County.

The power company is reporting that about 18,000 customers are still in the dark.

A recent drive around shows many streets still closed by fallen trees, which often times take down power lines with them.

Clifton Dungee says there is very little that can keep his 94-year old father A. Byron Smith out of the office, but one of those things went down with the power Thursday afternoon forcing the boss to stay home whether he liked it or not.

"It's the hardest thing we have keeping him away from here. In his mind he's working everyday; keeps him young{<}' said Dungee.

Next door to the business is the culprit: A very big tree that came down in the 68 mph gust that blew through the area as suddenly as the arrival of train Thursday afternoon.

"No air condition. No lights. Not a pleasant situation for a 94-year old gentleman," said Dungee.

All over the area, big trees were down.

Manzoor Khan is dealing with the no power issue as well. Just like A Byron Smith Oil, he too has no business with no power either. In addition to that, his ice cream is melting.

"So we are losing business and losing our ice cream too, but that's ok. Hope for the best," he said.

Northwest Roanoke was one of the harder hit areas. It was hard to go anywhere without seeing a road blocked and power lines down.

A lot of people are just waiting until it's their turn to get turned back on.

"Phones not ringing , computers not working, air conditioner is not on. We are just hopeful it will come back on real soon so we can get back to business as usual," said Dungee.

In Roanoke City alone, there are still 7,770 people waiting to get restored, which is still 15% of all the customers in the city. In Roanoke, Appalachian Power is reporting that 11,000 customers remain without power.