Homeowner Speaks Out About Being Shot At During Break-In

Danville, VA -- A Danville man is scared for his life after a break-in at his home, where he says the suspects shot at him. Police were called just before 7:00 Tuesday night to the 400 block of Parkland Drive. They're still searching for the two suspects.

No one was injured but neighbors say they are worried for their normally quiet neighborhood.

Joey Reid now enters his house with caution. That's because the last time he came home, he pulled into his driveway and interrupted, what he believes to be the tail-end of a break-in.

"I'm sitting in my truck and I seen a glimpse of a head," says Reid.

When Reid jumped out of his truck, the situation got even worse.

"I ran like this and screamed at them. I was going to chase them and when I did the guy turns around and 'pow pow' I jump down like this," says Reid.

Reid says two shots and they were gone into the woods. And he tells us this is the second time in less than a week that his house has become a crime scene. Reid came home last Wednesday to find jewelry and guns were stolen.

"They had kicked my back door in, stole a bunch of stuff but they had already left by the time I got here," says Reid.

Reid tells us between the two break-ins he's down a couple thousand dollars and worried about what's next. Police say he's not alone.

"We have seen an uptick in this general area with residential break-ins," says Cpt. Matt Carter, Danville Police.

Carter says they're looking into the possibility of a connection. But until they're caught, Reid and neighbors say they can't sleep.

"It is really scary to think that somebody could come in here," says neighbor Ruth Harris.

"I hope they catch these people before they do it to somebody else," says Reid.

Police are asking anyone who sees anything suspicious, especially in the area around Parkland Drive, to give them a call. If you have any information about this or other break-ins call Crimestoppers at (434)793-0000.