Homeowner Offers Reward for Arrest of Copper Thief

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg man is offering a $500 reward for help tracking down the person who stole copper piping from his heat pump.

The man says around 10 a.m. Thursday, neighbors saw the crook pull up to his house on the 1400 block of Buchanan Street, steal the scrap metal and take off.

Donnie Ray says he just closed on the home two weeks ago with plans on using it as an investment property. Now he says he's out roughly $2,000 bucks.

"Be on the lookout! I'm out to get you put away!" Donnie Ray says to the thief.

Ray says someone took bolt cutters to his brand new heat pump and is on a mission to find them.

Neighbors told him they saw a white man Thursday morning, driving a dark green pick-up truck, wearing a baseball cap and in his early 40's, pull up to the home. They mistook him for a maintenance worker because he was jingling a large set of keys.

"He drives around making a career out of stealing and lying. He's a thief!" Ray said.

He's asking the public to contact the Lynchburg police department to take this so-called predator off the street and he's throwing in an extra incentive.

"I am offering in my pocket, five, crisp one-hundred dollar bills," Ray said, displaying the cash in his hands.

But more than the money, more than the metal, being a victim of any crime is personal. Ray says he'll sleep soundly knowing:

"I'm an honest man! I don't go around stealing for a living. And what goes around comes around. And I'll say this to the individual: you definitely gonna get yours!" Ray added.

Lynchburg police say they're following up on leads. But Lt. Dave Gearhart says they aren't seeing a huge spike in copper thefts right now.