Sex Offender Search Leads Police to Meth Lab

Home Where Bishop Was Found Dead

Martinsville, VA - Police discovered a meth lab at a mobile home in Henry County Tuesday morning as they searched for a man they say was wanted for other offenses.

Officers were looking for Steven Ray Bishop, who later shot himself inside a Martinsville home.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office, the Virginia State Police Tactical Team and US Marshals from Roanoke got a search warrant to the mobile home to find 40-year-old Bishop.

Bishop was wanted by the Virginia State Police for failure to register as a sex offender and by the Patrick County Sheriff's Office for failure to appear on drug distribution charges.

Officials didn't find Bishop at his home, but instead they found an active meth lab inside. Police say they thought Bishop might be staying at someone else's home in Martinsville.

Later, investigators arrived at a home in Martinsville to look for Bishop Tuesday morning. They heard a single gunshot from inside a bedroom and waited for the Tactical Team to arrive. The team went inside the mobile home and found Bishop dead after he shot himself.

Officials are cleaning up the meth lab and investigating the suicide.

No officers were injured during the operation.