Home Owners Fight Property Association on Killing of Lake Vista Geese

Forest, VA - Some Lake Vista residents are still very angry over the killing of more than 60 geese there. And Tuesday night, they let leadership know it.

At the Lake Vista Property Association Board Meeting, some residents called for the board president - and eight other members to resign.

Many Lake Vista residents say the geese were becoming a huge problem, their droppings a public health hazard. After efforts to chase them off failed, the Association asked the USDA to gather the geese and put them down.

Some residents say the killings were inhumane, and that the controversy may reduce their property values.

No resignations occurred during Tuesday's meeting, and the board voted to keep their President.

The fight however may not be over.

"We're going to try to prepare a petition and go around to our neighbors and see if we can get 51% of the people to ask for the removal of the eight board of directors that voted for this killing of the geese" said Bob Sherman, a Lake Vista home owner.

Earlier in July, a judge did rule that the geese were, in fact, a health hazard and that they should be removed.