Home Health Care Agency Expands in Danville

Danville, VA-- There was a big business expansion in Danville on Friday.

Peace Haven Home Care Services has been in operation for about three years with offices in South Boston, Brosville and Chatham. They just had a grand opening of a new office in Danville.Several officials were on hand for the event including Mayor Sherman Saunders.

Company founder Yolanda Ceasar said this expansion means they can help even more people and create jobs. Once they see the need in Danville they'll know how many people they can add.

"Anytime we can help somebody, restore them back to their previous state, our goal has been met," said Yolanda Ceasar, CEO/Founder of Peace Haven Home Care Services. "In our field, our goal is to maintain until the next level of care is needed."

The new office will serve as a training center for new employees.