Home Christmas Display Lights Up Rustburg

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Photojournalist: Sally Delta Goin

Rustburg, VA - If you're driving on Village Highway in Rustburg, you might have to pull over for a new Christmas show. Behind Rustburg Elementary School sits a house that takes Christmas cheer very seriously.

The Frazier family started decorating their house for Christmas in July. Now, it's covered in lights. And the best part is that you never have to get out of your car to see and hear the show.

If the North Pole had a radio channel, 101.9 would be it. Frazier launched that radio frequency just so he could set his Christmas light display to music.

That kind of makes Steve Frazier the Santa Claus of Rustburg - a title he won't take.

"I'm not that, but I'm thoroughly enjoying what we are doing," said Frazier.

OK, so he'll deny he's Rustburg's Santa. But, he can't deny the smile his light display puts on people's faces. Sure, it's more Vegas glitz than country Christmas. But, people love it.

"I like it. It makes Christmas more exciting," said Lauren Wright who drove from Madison Heights to see the lights.

"Sure, yeah, gets me in a good holiday mood," said Aubrey Cook from Concord.

"You can talk to the people. They'll tell you that this right here has brought more families closer together than anything in years," said Frazier, speaking about his display.

But what did it do for the Frazier family? It got them 40,000 lights, 400 man hours and a big compromise with the woman of the house.

"I'm OK with what he has in the back as long as I can have what I have in the front," said Vickie Frazier, Steve's wife, speaking about her more traditional Christmas lights on the front of their home.

So, when you visit the Rustburg Christmas House, take a drive past all the flash to see the postcard porch in the front. Vickie worked hard at that.

"It's him in the front, me in the back - just like a mullet," said Vickie, describing the difference between the light show in the front and the back of the house.

So what's the electric bill for all this? Frazier says it's not bad. All those lights are LED so his bill last month went up $40. But the total price tag for the display is $13,000! But the show for the public is free.