Holy Cross Regional Catholic School Brings Nooks Into the Classroom

Lynchburg, VA - One lucky fourth grade class at Holy Cross Regional Catholic School is testing out a new pilot program.

They're using Nooks inside the classroom, and it wouldn't be possible without the generosity of one donor.

The school has already implemented a bring-your-own-device policy for middle and high school students. But this is the first year elementary schoolers are using technology during the school day. The principal says so far, it's taking over.

Inside Mrs. Rony's 4th grade classroom, cubbies have transformed into charging stations and plastic stylus' have replaced number two pencils.

"It's an educational tool. It's monitored carefully and the kids are really embracing it," explained Principal Patti Culbreth.

Pat Rony's husband paid for the 20 Nooks with his own money.

When Charlotte Roach heard she'd be part of the new pilot program, it seemed too good to be true.

"Back-to-school night my friend in one of my classes said we get Nooks. And I said, 'Really? Like, are you joking me?'" Roach recalled of the conversation.

Math-whiz, Erin Morris, uses hers to build those multiplication muscles. They're growing stronger every day.

"We've used it for Social Studies. We've used nooks for English. We've used Nooks for Math," explained Ms. Rony.

She can instantly see how students score on quizzes and tailor her lessons to re teach certain concepts.

"Right now a teacher is teaching these students probably with jobs or careers that are not even invented yet," Rony said.

"I guess the takeaway is to embrace the future," Culbreth added.

You may be wondering which is a better teaching tool -- the Nook or the iPad. The principal says the Nook is a little less expensive, but doesn't have quite as many applications as the iPad.