Hokies Hold First Practice in Orlando

The Hokies held their first practice in Orlando this morning, going nearly two hours in their most physical work of the game week.

Reserve rover Jeron Gouveia-Winslow did not practice due to a sprained right ankle he suffered in Saturday's final practice in Blacksburg, he's questionable for Friday's game. Cornerback Antone Exum gave his entire Best Buy gift card courtesy of the bowl to three children he met in the store, several others gave the balance on their cards to families finishing up shopping. Final grades were posted and Logan Thomas, Martin Scales and Tony Gregory have completed graduation requirements. Tuesday's Christmas practice begins at 2:30.

Logan Thomas, HOKIES R-JUNIOR QUARTERBACK, said "There's times this year that, you know, we've looked a little unstoppable and then there's times we just looked terrible. And those are the times, we just want to get rid of the terrible times and we just want to finish the season off on the right foot going into the next year so we'll have something to build off. You know a great game against a great defense would do a lot for our confidence going into the next year."