Hobby Store Still Smoldering After Saturday's Fire

Lynchburg, VA - The remains of The Collector's Lair were still smoldering on Monday. Officials still do not have a cause, but confirmed the fire started in the basement of the building.

Investigators say it will probably continue smolder for days until they can get to the bottom of the 12 feet of rubble.

"A little hard to see it go," said frequent shopper of "Collector's Lair," Chris Morris.

Locals like Morris have been stopping by to get one last look.

"There's a lot of stuff in there. I'm not surprised it's burning this long," said Morris.

Several people said someone may have been living in the store.

"I heard that someone was living in the basement or something like that," said Morris.

"I think they stayed back in the building some. I think they lived back there a little bit," said Wayne Morris who works next door.

"I really can't confirm whether anybody was living in, I hear a lot of people talking, bystanders and I understand there's a lot of social media websites which I have not looked at so I really can't speak on that," said Lynchburg Fire Marshal Thomas Mack.

Officials said the owner called in the fire from the scene. When asked why the owner was in the building around 4:00 a.m., Mack said, he was inside and doing his work.

Insurance adjusters are now doing their damage evaluations.

"Taking the square footage of the building today," said Sam Corso, Insurance Adjuster.

Things appear to be back to normal for most neighboring businesses.

A childcare center located next door remains closed because of the air quality.

"It's kind of an inconvenience for the both of us. We both got things we've got to do and jobs and everything so it's not really helpful," said parent Justin Crawford.

There were no injuries reported in this fire.

Investigators say it could be weeks before a cause is known.