Historical Project Puts Medallions in Danville Sidewalks

Danville, VA - A historical project two years in the making is finally coming to fruition in Danville.

Twenty-six trail marker medallions will be laid in the sidewalks on Millionaire's Row and in the historic Holbrook-Ross neighborhood.

The medallions feature a tobacco leaf to pay homage to Danville's history.

This is part of an effort to develop a gathering place outside of the Danville Fine Arts Museum.

Historical Society President Sarah Latham says they are hoping additional funding will give them the boost they need to complete the project.

"We're still looking for a little bit of additional funding to complete the entire vision, but we will have it mostly completed, if not totally completed, by the end of February," said Latham.

The city, the Historical Society and the Danville Regional Foundation have partnered together on this project.

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