Historic Martinsville Building Spray-Painted With Graffiti

Martinsville, VA - The owner of a well-known, historic building in Martinsville found graffiti on the side just this week.

Called the "Wedding Cake House", the building was built in 1918 and was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 2006.

Owner Patsy Akridge says it happened between 2:30 Friday afternoon and Sunday at noon. When she showed up, she says she found spray paint on the home.

"It was like a face with maybe three eyes almost looked like a clown and then of course a triangle type figure with a round boiling pot in it, and then of course artist put its initials, P.T.M on there," Akridge said.

Akridge says she plans to repaint the whole side of the building soon, but officers were able to get most of the paint off Tuesday.