Historic Landmark Auction in Lexington

Lexington, VA- A historic Virginia landmark was sold during an auction. The Thorn Hill mansion is five minutes from downtown Lexington and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was built in 1792 and it's full of history. If the stones could talk, what stories they would tell.

"Right here in Virginia where so much of this for the nation is here to learn from," said Jim Woltz, the President of Woltz and Associates.

The mansion sits on 17 acres. It's been on the traditional market for some time and now, the owners auctioned it off, after living there for nine years.

"It was a spectacular specimen that a great deal of work and I knew it would be an exciting place to live," said Bill Johnston who has spent more than a million dollars renovating the home.

"What's underneath is just as important- all the wiring, the plumbing- the things that people don't see were a big part of the renovation. It means it will have hundreds of years left in it because of how it was done," said Woltz.

Bidders from all over the east coast registered to come out, many local bidders registered, as well.

Many are attracted to the beauty of the property and the history it holds.

The grand estate has been the home to many historical figures- the founder of Washington and Lee Law School, a Revolutionary War Colonel, and a Civil War General.

"Put it in the right hands of the people that will keep that same story going," said Woltz.

Since the property is on the national registry, whoever gets it, will have to follow some specific rules to keep it beautiful.

"The history of these old landmarks is extremely important for the future generations to be able to come and study and learn from," said Woltz.

Although bidders came out from four states, the property was sold to someone locally.

The buyer bought the property for one million 340 thousand dollars.{}