FBI Investigating Fire That Destroyed Historic Home in Milton, N.C.

Milton, NC - A historical staple that stood in Milton, North Carolina for more than 200 years is now gone.

The Longwood House burned Thursday evening in a ravaging blaze that took five fire crews all night and this afternoon to put out.

"We've been here for like four or five days now with my parents and we had a beautiful Christmas. We had friends over and it was just special, just like it is every Christmas," said Rachel Badilla, the Homeowner's daughter.

This year's Christmas visit took a turn for the worse. When the family got back home from a shopping trip Thursday, they found the fire.

"You could see it from about three miles away," said Justin Thism, Assistant Fire Chief of the Milton Volunteer Fire Department.

Flames engulfed all of the family's belongings.

"My mother, anybody who visited the home can tell you that she was an avid collector of art, and she had all kinds of art and antique books and antique furniture," Badilla said.

Not only is the family's belongings gone, 200 years of history at their home, also historically known as the Longwood House, is also down to ashes.

"We understand the historical significance of this home. Through the years we've had neighbors come over and share parties and events with us and they all have a childhood memory, a haunted house memory, something that connects them to this home," Badilla said.

According to the Caswell County Historical Association, the Longwood House was built in 1855.

It was home to a prominent 19th century politician, Romulus Sanders.

The home was also praised for its Greek Revival architecture, the works of the famous craftsman, Thomas Day, who lived in Milton.

"It's a big loss, it's on the historic registry here in Milton," Thism said.

"We can replace everything that was inside but we know that this home can't be replaced," Badilla said.

The Caswell County Fire Marshal says the cause is still under investigation. He says the FBI is also involved because of the home's historical value.