Historic Diamond Hill Home Spared Demolition

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg Historic Preservation Commission unanimously voted to deny a request to demolish a home in the historic Diamond Hill community. The two story duplex on Washington Street has been standing since 1893, but years of neglect have taken it's story on the property.{}{}{}Members of the community spoke out against the demolition proposal from the Redevelopment and Housing Authority at a public hearing at Lynchburg City Hall.{}Despite the proposal being denied,{}Executive Director of Redevelopment Dawn Fagan says she's relieved, as her organization has been trying to find a buyer for the property for over 5 years. Fagan further stated "We never really wanted to ask to have it demolished. When we sat down and looked at all the options that were available to Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority, we just realized that it was a project that we could not handle."{}{}{} Fagan now says she hopes that community members who spoke out against demolition, now step up to help find a buyer for the home. Several parties at the public hearing said they would be interested in purchasing the property.{}