Historic Bomber To Be On Display Friday

Roanoke, VA - History buffs get a treat this week as a vintage B-17 "Flying Fortress" will be on display Friday.

The featured aircraft is the same plane that was used in the movie "Memphis Belle".

While plane was made just before World War II ended... it never saw combat, which preserved it; allowing it to become the flying museum it is today.

It's all part of the Liberty Foundation's Salute to Veterans tour.

"If it wasn't for them and these aircraft... and Rosie the Riveter and all the folks that were putting these aircraft together so well back then we wouldn't be here today being able to do this," said the plane's mechanic, John Eads.

The plane will be on display at the Roanoke-Blacksburg RegionalAirportt on Friday.Paid flights are also being offered on Saturday and Sunday.