Hilton Breaks Ground In Roanoke County

Roanoke Co., VA - Construction is now underway on a new Hilton Garden Inn in Roanoke County.

It will fill a highly visible space that's been an eyesore for more than a decade.

The South Peak development that sits along I-581 has been a work in progress but it's about to go into high gear.

In the end, the 80,000 square foot hotel will be the centerpiece of the development that will bring mixed-use properties to the southern gateway of the Roanoke Valley.

The project is set to be finished by next summer.

The hotel is the latest in a long line of major projects along the I-581 corridor, and valley leaders say more big plans are in the works.

"We hope it will be transformational in the future as we move forward; this type of development. Mixed use developments," said Roanoke County Administrator Clay Goodman.

"In 20-years the skyline of the Roanoke Valley will be dramatically changed. All along the I-581 corridor. From South Peak here in the south side of town all the way up to the medical school complex, downtown and up to Valley View," said Roanoke Mayor, David Bowers.

The developer of South Peak now has his sights set on a 150 acre plot of undeveloped land that will likely see a number of other big projects in the years to come.