Hillsville Flea Market And Gun Show Is Underway

Hillsville, VA - The 47th annual Labor Day Flea Market and Gun Show is underway in Hillsville.Every year as many as a half million people visit the area looking for good deals, good times and for locals... good profits!The event is so big school is canceled because of trouble with bus routes.That gives many of the local kids a chance to make some extra money parking cars.Others rent out their yards to sellers or for parking."They use the money to pay their taxes. That's what it is: A big thing to pay taxes. But I have a grandson who gave up going to the beach to stay and work," said shopkeeper, Glenna Myers.Churches also get in on the action using the weekend as a major fund raiser.

Selling areas aren't just in town but along roads coming into town.

VDOT has issued traffic warnings in the area.

The event runs through Monday evening.