Hillcats Hold Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser

Forest - The Hillcats were off Monday, but many played golf to help a great cause. The Hillcats held their 10th-annual Invitational Golf Tournament to benefit the area Boys & Girls Club. Pitchers Lucas Sims and Wes Parsons were among those enjoying a gorgeous day at London Downs. Reliever Matt Chaffee nearly drove the green at 8, 340-yards plus on his drive just missing a birdie putt. GM Paul Sunwall made his birdie at number one. Last year's tourney raised more than five thousand dollars for the Boys & Girls Club.Paul Sunwall, HILLCATS GENERAL MANAGER, said "When they're in the minor leagues, they certainly need to put in their time and volunteer for a lot of different events that we put on whether it's signing autographs or going to a school or going to a hospital. And this event is kind of a fun day for them so they can play golf. Our sponsors get to benefit from kind of getting up close and personal with the players."