Hill City Hosts Sandy Relief Events

Lynchburg, VA - The latest storm to tear through the northeast left behind snow days after Superstorm Sandy devastated much of the same area.

Whether it's 10% of the bill at dinner, or going to see a benefit concert, the Hill City is helping those still suffering from Sandy.

"We appreciate you guys coming out this evening. Have fun, enjoy the music, and give to the Red Cross," said a Red Cross staff member at a fundraiser.

"All the guys here are doing this for free tonight, they've all volunteered their time and talents to make this happen," said Ricky Morton, a musician who helped organize the event.

The stage at the Stoney Badger tavern, played host to great music for an even greater cause, "Submerged cars, the trees through the houses, knowing that winter is coming on and these people are up there freezing, I figured they're going to need help," said Morton.

Morton and his band organized that all cover charges tonight, be donated to the Red Cross's Sandy relief efforts.

"I'm here comfortable, eating dinner at my favorite restaurant, but I'm getting to send something to some people that don't have that opportunity at the moment," said David Poole, the owner of the Depot Grille.

At the Depot Grille, 10% of all dinner bills, were donated to the same cause.

"I have family in New Jersey, and know they were affected, and didn't have power for a few days. I think it's fantastic an organization will partner with a restaurant like Depot Grille," said diner Keith Pieper.

"Last night, we had 7,600 people in 110 shelters all across the area," said Amy Whittaker, who works for the Red Cross in Roanoke.

She's stationed now, in Manhattan, and says all the help from home, is so desperately needed.

"I've seen the way the people are living here, what they've had to go through, and I know that what the Red Cross is doing here means so much, and these people need our help. But we can't do it without the public's help," she said.

So far, the Red Cross has handed out almost four million meals in the tri-state area.

They says supplies are still needed, and the relief effort there is far from over.

Visit the Red Cross's Disaster Relief site to help.