Hiker Recalls Being Lost Overnight in Nelson Co.

Nelson Co., VA - We're learning more about that rescued hiker who went missing in Nelson County Saturday afternoon, and wasn't found for nearly 21 hours.

65-year-old George Carr from Bristow says he decided to take a different route than what the rest of his group took. Before he knew it he was lost.

He says he was never really frightened, but did get pretty cold Saturday night. He says he walked most of the night trying to find an open area so the search helicopters would find him when the sun came up.

He says he survived by drinking water from the creek at the base of the mountain. Sunday afternoon he says he had just laid down to take a nap, and what happened next was one of the happiest moments of his life.

"And then there was this cold thing on my face, I open my eyes and it was a dog licking me. And then I heard my name and it was a church member, Claudius, who does a lot of hiking and stuff and then another and actually part of the rescue team," said Carr.

Carr says the only injuries he suffered was a sprained knee, and he says he lost his eye glasses.