Higher Elevations Still Digging Out as Snow Lingers

Roanoke, VA - All of the winter weather has made the cleanup take a long time for many in the Roanoke and Floyd County areas.

Blowing and drifting snow has caused the process to essentially freeze up.

While the storm impacted everyone negatively in some way, the effect varied from place to place.

For example, on Bent Mountain, for people have been dealing with drifting snow that has caused VDOT to pull resources from other places, which has slowed things down a little in some areas.

Fluctuating weather conditions are also creating issues that are contributing to the delay in a complete cleanup.

Roanoke officials usually just wait for the snow to melt, but with so much on the ground and more snow possible overnight, the process won't be a quick one.

Monday crews continued the effort of removing the snow from the streets to better free up parking.

"Oh... it's not fun. They just pushed it all to the side. They left enough room for small cars but nothing big like us," said Blue Ridge Beverage Delivery Driver Justin Gilbert.

Officials in Roanoke and at VDOT have taken some flak but both say they hit most of their goals for the cleanup.

VDOT reminds citizens may need to have more realistic expectations following such major events.

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