Heritage Girls Basketball - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Reporter: Dennis Carter

Lynchburg - Wednesday is high school Team of the Week day on ABC 13 Sports.

Today we're spotlighting the Heritage girls basketball team. The Lady Pioneers, under fifth-year head coach Tracie Hayes, have raced out to an unbeaten 4-and-0 start this season, their last win by 15 Friday at Staunton River.

Next up for Heritage is the Cave Spring Invitational next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Pioneers hope to keep the good times rolling before hitting the meat of their district schedule starting January 3rd.

Cameron Carter, SOPH. GUARD (LEADING SCORER) said "We play good defense, we have a good fast break and the conditioning during practice and during the off-season, it's just helped us all during the season."

Kadijah Anderson, SOPH. POINT GUARD, said "We hustle up the court and we trust our teammates and control what we can control."

Morgan Pannell, JUNIOR POWER FORWARD, said "Our movement is pretty good and we move the ball, we look for who's open and we give 'em the ball."

Brianna Paige, JUNIOR CENTER/FORWARD, said "We're a pretty young team but we're all fast, we hustle. We want to do great, we just show good sportsmanship and that's our biggest key, trusting our teammates and controlling what we can control."