Henry County Man Sentenced For Killing Mother And Stepfather

Henry Co., VA - Zachary Bailey, 21, was sentenced to 42 years behind bars for murder. Bailey shot his mother and stepfather to death in 2012. Darryl and Kathy Fain were found dead in their home.Bailey received 36 years for the two first degree murder charges, then an additional six years for the two firearm charges. The family member we spoke with says she doesn't believe Bailey has any remorse for what happened.Straight out of the courtroom, Heather Gunter spoke to us about her father, Darryl Fain. While she didn't want to talk on camera, she had a lot to say. Gunter told usher father was a good man. She even teared up when talking about her devastation when hearing what happened two years ago. She never expected that her stepbrother Zachary Bailey would kill her father and stepmother."It's very upsetting for some of the family members, some family members just couldn't be here today because it would be so upsetting to them," said Dawn Futrell, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney. Futrell explained in court that Bailey murdered the Fains because Darryl told him weeks prior that he was a 'bum' and wouldn't amount to anything. Futrell says Bailey shot Darryl and then Kathy then went back and shot Darryl again."Of course he regrets what happened. Not only for himself but also for the family," said Bill Bourland, Defense Attorney.Bourland said during sentencing that Bailey had sought treatment for mental heath issues, saying he had hallucinations. But he said investigations revealed Bailey had not taken his medicine on the day of the murders."He's looking forward to going to a medical facility if the department of corrections will send him there," said Bourland. Now Bailey will be serve the next four decades behind bars."I feel that the Fains can finally get some closure," said Futrell.Gunter is upset with the sentence, saying she felt the murders were planned.When asked in court if Bailey wanted to say anything he simply replied "This is a bad situation for me and them too." Bailey will go to the Henry County jail for now.