Henry Co. Emergency Crews Help 1,000 Pound Man

Henry Co., VA -Henry County emergency crews say they went to a call of a lifetime. A man who weighs more than 1,000 pounds was complaining of chest pains and had to go to the hospital.

Many of the rescue workers had actually never seen anything like this. It took 8 crews, more than 20 people and 8 hours to work this call.

"I have an adult who is morbidly obese who is alone and doesn't have any assistance and cannot get out of bed," said a man on a 911 tape.

It's a call that many emergency crews will not soon forget.

"It was a situation that we have not ran into in this area and probably not going to run into for quite a while. It's a rare event," said Jason Burton, Paramedic/Firefighter .

A Henry County man, weighing 1,024 pounds, shocked many emergency crew workers.

"This was a call that you really have limited ability to train for," said Matt Tatum, deputy director for Henry County Department of Public Safety.

And removing a man, who hadn't been out of his room in months, was a challenge.

"Got creative to design a safe way to bring this man out," said Tatum.

They quickly narrowed down any hope of him fitting through doors or on their equipment. So, they created a system of ladders, and built a sled out of 2x4s and plywood.

"We were able to put one end of the sled on the head of the ladder, put him on the sled, and then we could pivot the sled like a seesaw," said Tatum.

"The patient was always safe and never in any harm and it worked well," said Burton.

A pick-up truck waited for him on the other side which took him to an ambulance and then to the hospital.

Emergency crews never expected this situation but they say each call prepares them a little better for the next.

"If it ever does happen again I hope that I'm there to be able to provide the assistance to the level that we were able to provide to this man," said Tatum.

Not only had the man not gotten out of his room in months, they say he had not been out of his bed in more than a week. He is now getting treatment for his health issues.