Henry Co. Sheriff's Office Reports Drastic Increase in Meth Lab Cases

Henry Co., VA - Henry County has seen a drastic increase in meth lab cases in the past few weeks.

The Sheriff's Office says this should be a warning to anyone looking to rent a house or apartment.

Major Ricky Walker says in the past eight weeks, they have found five meth labs in the county.

Walker says sometimes they can go a whole year without finding a meth lab.

Walker explains that if the chemicals are not cleaned up properly, they can be a serious danger to the person living in the home afterward.

It is the owner's responsibility to clean the space, and it could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

"That drywall will actually absorb those chemicals and the vapors and that's the reason it is dangerous for the people if they don't get it cleaned properly," Major Walker said.

Walker says they expect this increase in meth use in the county to continue.