Henry Co. Plant Officials Worried Over Endangered Fish

Henry Co., VA - A Henry County water plant says it can't increase production because of an endangered species.

When the plant reaches 80 % capacity, the health department requires them to have a plan in place for expansion.

Right now, their plant is at 75 % so they have started looking at options.

The best is to pull more water from the Smith River, something they're already doing. But the US Fish and Wildlife Service wants them to do an additional three year study with a $600,000 price tag to see if the endangered Roanoke log perch fish would be disrupted.

The Public Service Authority says their studies have not found it would be a problem.

"Our consultants have looked at it real closely and we're committed to doing the required studies just to make sure but these additional 3 years worth of studies, it's just more than what we can do," said Michael Ward, director of Regulatory Compliance and Technical Applications for Henry County PSA.

As of now, they have not found a solution.