Heavy Traffic at Appomattox Elementary May Get the Attention of VDOT

Appomattox, VA - Appomattox Elementary School may need a new traffic pattern. The school board there is requesting that the Virginia Department of Transportation conduct a study about traffic backups.

Drivers say it's more so when students are leaving for the day. The line of parents waiting to pick up their children is now spilling out into the main road.
Board members are concerned that if the traffic issues are not addressed the issue could become dangerous.
Marvis Ferguson lives right around the corner from the Appomattox Elementary. Right before he leaves, he says, school lets outs the cars start lining up.
"Sometimes I'd sit there for 20 to 25 minutes waiting for people to pull in before I can go's so backed up," said Ferguson. "It ends up blocking both ways," he added.

School Board Chairman Bobby Waddell has seen the problem first hand.
"I've been through there a couple times, I didn't realize it was a problem until about six weeks ago," said Waddell.
More children are being picked up as opposed to riding the bus, according to Waddell. There haven't been any major issues yet, but he wants to prevent them from happening.
"Cars getting in a hurry and getting in that opposite lane in just as much of a hurry, is a real hazard, we think," said Waddell.
The school board wrote a letter to VDOT requesting the study a few weeks ago. They have not heard back yet as to whether the study will indeed be done.