Heavy Rain & Winds Move Through Area Overnight, Leave Some Damage

Storm damage northwest of Hillsville (Pic From Carroll Co Emergency Management)

Heavy rain and gusty winds moved through the region overnight, leaving behind minor to moderate wind damage in some areas, mainly across the Southside.

There were two separate severe thunderstorm warnings issued across the Southside, and minor wind damage reports have come in from Henry and Pittsylvania counties, including Bassett, Climax, and Gretna. Moderate to major wind damage has been reported in Hillsville. A report from Coon Ridge Road, three miles Northwest of Hillsville, states "a barn was severely damaged and a storage shed was pushed into a home".

It has been determined by the National Weather Service that the Coon Ridge Road damage was caused by straight line winds of estimated speeds 80-85mph. These strong winds were likely from a microburst, which occurs when a localized column of air rapidly descends from the thunderstorm to the surface, then fans out horizontally at very high speeds.

Friday afternoon, there will be skies clear and gusty breezes continue. West winds up to 25mph at times. It won't be as warm as yesterday with highs in the 70s.

Cooler still into Saturday and Sunday with highs in the upper 60s to around 70. Both days bring sunshine, and Saturday also has a generous northwest breeze.

Warmth returns early next week, with highs in the 70s Monday, and in the 80s Tuesday and Wednesday.

While isolated thundershowers may develop during those afternoons, prolonged rainfall is not forecast.