Heavy Rain on the Southside is Good News for Farmers

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Farmers in our area are finally getting the weather they'd been hoping for months.

With the Southside experiencing drought conditions for the past five years, experts say any little bit helps.

It's made for a few flooded roadways and poor driving conditions, but some say we need the rain now more than ever.

The rain will ultimately help farmers months from now.

"This rainfall that exists for several days at a slow pace is exactly what agricultural producers need, " said Extensive Agent Stephen Barts.

Local farmers are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to the heavy rains over the last few days.

After finishing 2012 at 15 inches below normal rainfall levels, Barts says the rain will be very beneficial for the crops on the way.

"The water is moving slow enough that it has time to soak in. It's providing good moisture back into the soil for the spring planting season, " said Barts.

Barts says the only thing that would be better than the rain would be heavy snowfall, which creates a blanket of moisture to seep into the soil, but for now, farmers are willing to take what they can get.

"It's a blessing, " said Timothy Motely.

Motely is a dairy farmer in Pittsylvania County who depends on the rain for the barley he grows to feed his cows, and he's hoping this isn't the last of the wet weather.

"These rains are very beneficial for not only dairy farmers, but tobacco farmers and cattle farmers. We're going to need a few more rains of course, but every bit we get helps, " Motely said.