Heating Repair and Supply Companies Busy During Cold Snap

Lynchburg, VA - Cold. Hard. Cash. That is what this weather means for heating and repair companies. Some Lynchburg businesses say their phones are ringing off the hook now that it has gotten so chilly out there.

Companies say, like every year, too many people procrastinated; many are getting lots of calls from people who waited until the last minute to fill up tanks or get heat pumps fixed.

Wooldridge Heating and Air Technician Eric Glass has taken his fair share of calls this week.

"The furnaces are just not running," said Glass.

"Oil furnace don't work," said Glass. "It only happens when it's cold outside it seems."

Busy times over at Watts Petroleum too.

"It's absolutely good for my business," said John Watts, President, Watts Petroleum. "We've got three people inside and all they've been doing is answering the phones. You can hear it ringing now."

Watts says they are getting a lot of calls for propane and heating oil. Although prices at the pump are down, do not expect the same for propane.

"One doesn't really dominate the other," said Watts.

The price for heating oil is stagnant. Propane is up a bit.

"It's running about $3.50 a gallon for heating oil and then propane is running around $2.30 a gallon," said Watts.

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