Heather Hodges: Missing One Year

Heather Hodges

Rocky Mount, VA - No one seems to know what happened to Heather Hodges who would now be 23... the mother of a now 3-year-old daughter.

She was last seen at a house on Shady Lane - then vanished leaving everything behind -- her pocket book, keys, and daughter.

The last corroborated trace of her was at this home she shared with her boyfriend the night he claimed she disappeared.

"I'm sure it slips the mind of the public unless they see a flier or know the family so this is a good opportunity to bring it back," said Lt. Todd Maxey with the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

They say tips continue to come in; the latest as recently as four days ago.

Just none of them are tying the case completely together... which investigators say has led to the perception among some that not everything that could be done is being done.

"It's frustrating to us that the public has that opinion. I'd just like the public to know we are working this case," said Maxey.

While the forensic evidence indicates something terrible has happened - investigators are holding out hope that one day Heather will appear and tell everyone where she's been.

But whether she is found or not... investigators believe that one day this case will be solved.

"In the worst case scenario, if there is a body to be found... would we be hampered by not finding that body? That would not preclude us from finishing this investigation," said Maxey.

Investigators do have a person of interest... however they are not publicly naming the person out of fear that information could jeopardize the case.

Investigators are convinced there are people out there, either directly related to the disappearance or not, who have the key information.