Heat Slows Amtrak Trains to a Crawl

Lynchburg, VA - It was a long Friday night for folks riding Amtrak trains up and down the east coast. Amtrak imposed mandatory speed restrictions on routes from Boston south of Washington D.C., due to the excessive heat.

People rolled into Lynchburg's Kemper Street Station an hour late. Amtrak officials say the speed restrictions are enforced when internal rail temperatures exceed 120 degrees.

Friday's heat helped keep those tracks smoking hot.

Passengers in the Hill City, not at all too happy with the delay, "It was just non-stop 20 mph the whole way. We would speed up and they would tell us we would have to slow down again. We got to Charlottesville when we were supposed to get to Lynchburg" said Paul Sapperstein, a Lynchburg Amtrak passenger.

Amtrak officials say with this week's soaring temperatures, they were also providing extra water for all train passengers.