Heart-Shaped Pond in Lynchburg Gets Some Love

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Steven Smith

Lynchburg, VA- A popular heart-shaped pond in the Hill City is getting some extra love and attention this week. City officials are working on the pond at the Old City Cemetery.

The pond is surrounded by two big trees. Officials say the roots of those trees were growing very close to the pond, damaging the side walls. They dug up the pond, cleaned it and repaired the damage. They even had to scoop out all of these fish and frogs during the process and keep them in water. Old City Cemetery officials say the renovation is important to a lot of their activities.

"Nature Zone which is part of the city's Parks and Recreation department, and they will come here and do a lot of programs. They do a lot of activities with the school children and talk about the ecology of the ponds. We also do some monarch butterfly events," said Tim Delaney, curator at the Old City Cemetery.

The pond is also a popular spot for bridal photos and weddings. City officials say the work at the pond will be done just in time for spring weddings.