Health School Closes Without Issuing Refunds to Students

Pittsylvania Co., VA - The mysterious closing of a health school in Hurt has left several people out of thousands of dollars and they want answers.

The South Central Area Health Education Center was set to start classes on September 4th, but they ceased operations without providing tuition refunds to enrolled students.

The center is part of a statewide program that was developed by VCU.

The closing of the Hurt center has left many former students with a bad taste in their mouths and some hope to take their case before a judge.

Wanda Moreland and her husband paid nearly four thousand dollars for her to enroll in the center this fall. When it was time for classes to start, they got a rude awakening.

"I went over there to see what was going on. The school stuff was moving out, all the stuff was gone. It looked like a ghost town in there," said Scott Moreland.

The Morelands soon received this letter saying the school had closed because of financial issues and they would not be able to refund money spent on tuition, books and uniforms.

Mitchell Adams is a graduate of the school. He received the same letter when he signed up to continue his education there.

"The first experience I had with them was really well done. I didn't start getting kind of weirded out until after the second postponement. That's when I started getting suspicious, " said Adams.

Now many students are angry and hope to file lawsuits against the school for what they feel are negligent business practices.

"This couldn't have happened overnight, so why would they take someone's money knowing that there is not going to be a school?" said Wanda Moreland.

Adams hopes that an investigation into the case will bring restitution for the money he's lost.

"It's a large sum of money and that's really all the money I have for school, " says Adams, but for Wanda Moreland, the frustration she has experienced may have cost her the drive to continue her pursuit of a degree.

"I've lost the time, I've lost the money....I've lost the ambition I think. I just don't know if I want to do it now, " said Wanda Moreland.

The Pittsylvania County Commonwealth Attorney's Office is looking into the matter and they're asking anyone who was affected by the school's closing to contact the office.

Several attempts were made to speak with representatives from the Virginia Health Education Centers Program, but we received no replies.