Health & Beauty Tip: Aloe Vera Juice by Dhomonique Ricks

This post should really be called HEALTH AND BEAUTY TIP OF THE YEAR! I have a wonderful secret and I am going to share it with all of you. As far as I am concerned, aloe vera juice is the miracle liquid!

Not only can it help you lose weight, it's also believed to fight wrinkles, clear acne, give you glowing skin, make your hair grow fuller, faster and stronger, and reduce symptoms from chronic skin conditions like eczema. It also fights frizz and moisturizes hair. My best friend, Ashley turned me on to this secret juice a few weeks back and I can't stop shouting about it from the rooftops!

Here's the key to getting the most benefits - DRINK IT! I'm not going to lie, it tastes a bit like a cleaning product (If I could image what a cleaning product would taste like, lol). It has a bitter taste, but once you swallow it, that flavor is gone almost immediately. I like to mix my juice in coconut water or in my morning smoothies. You can barely taste it when you do this. It's recommended to take 2-4 oz a day. I usually use 2.5 shot glasses of the stuff.

From my research, here are some other things people claim this juice can do, although none of these statements have been confirmed by medical professionals. Some studies suggest this magic juice can improve digestive health and fight ovarian and breast cancer (since some studies believe it has been shown to increase white blood cell replenishment and stunt the growth of tumors). Other articles say it detoxes the blood stream and balances the digestive track, which is great for anyone with conditions like heartburn or ulcers. Other articles say the miracle juice can boost the body's immune system and fight off illnesses.

According to the latest article I just read, when ingested daily as part of a healthy diet, "aloe vera juice increases metabolic rate and rids the body of extra fat and carbohydrates that would normally pack on the pounds."

Um, pour me a glass (or two) of that stuff!

Just make sure you look for this seal on any bottle that you purchase. This seal means it has been certified by the International Aloe Science Council.

Here's to wrinkle-free, glowing skin!