Harvest Jubilee Survey To Find What Concerts Danville Residents Want

Danville, VA -- If you want a say in which concerts come to the Southside, now is your chance.

Harvest Jubilee is asking you to fill out a survey about what kind of concerts you want, how much you would pay, and what you want out of a Danville concert.

Harvest Jubilee treasurer Gina Craig says concert sales in Danville and all over the country have been down in recent years. So they are doing a survey to find out what people want and hopefully drive up ticket sales for this summer.

Craig says they will work on getting artists once they get the surveys back.

"We just want to get an idea of what people are looking for, if we are doing the right thing, if they want to see other things, other artists, other types of shows. We just want to hear from the public," said Craig.

The survey will be available through January 25th.

You can find the survey here: