Harry Potter Hysteria Hits Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - Harry Potter hysteria started Thursday night, with the midnight debut of the final movie in the series.

The mania has stayed strong all day Friday and is building up even more steam for the Friday night showings.

It's a movie some say they've waited ten years to see.

"It's the movie of a generation. This is the Star Wars of my generation and I'm really excited for it," said Ashlynn Watson.

Many came out wearing t-shirts showing their allegiance to the series. Others tried to emulate their favorite character.

"I've read all the books. I mean I've grown up with Harry so I feel a close bond with him. I've been up since like 4:00 am this morning just thinking about it," said Tori Hudson.

Nearly every viewer admits they already know how the movie ends but they want to see if there are any new twists.

Some admit, they have different motives.

"The guy who plays Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, he's pretty cute so I'm pretty excited," said Taylor Watson.

So after the final credits roll, does the movie actually live up to all the hype?

"Absolutely, 100% loved it. It was the conclusion, it wrapped every little loose end up, it really did," said Amy Dinstel.

At Midnight showings alone, the movie took in $43.5 Million.

Some coming out to watch Friday night in Lynchburg are already back to see the movie for a second time.