Hargrave Military Academy To Be Featured on CNN's "Inside Man"

Chatham, VA-- Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham will be getting national attention in just over a week.The school's postgraduate basketball team will be featured on a CNN show called Inside Man hosted by Morgan Spurlock.The CNN crew was on Hargrave's campus back in late February. Spurlock and the CNN production crew spent four days with the postgraduate basketball team.They followed the team's rigorous daily routine to learn about every aspect of a military academy basketball team. Cameras followed them as they trained for one of their big tournaments, the First Piedmont Invitational.Spurlock is known for really getting involved in his stories. The team's head coach, A.W. Hamilton said he went to classes, lunches and practices with the players, and even acted as the assistant coach at the tournament. Hamilton said the episode will focus in on one of their now former players, Jabari McGhee. McGhee had plenty of schools recruiting him because of his skills on the court, but some were reluctant because he needed to improve his ACT score to qualify.Cameras documented what it's like for a player to make one of his biggest life decisions."It turned out to be a wonderful story. A month after they left, he got the ACT score he needed and ended up signing with the University of Tennessee on a full basketball scholarship," said A.W. Hamilton, Hargrave Military Academy's Head Postgraduate Basketball CoachThe episode is scheduled to air on June 8 on CNN at 10 p.m.