Handicapped Woman Saved From Apartment Fire In Danville

Danville, VA - A Danville woman bound to a wheelchair had to be rescued after her apartment caught fire. Her home, in the Cardinal Village, went up in flames around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon.Much of the apartment was destroyed from the fire, smoke, and water. That woman credits her family and friends for getting her out and saving her life.Before firefighters even got to this Cardinal Village apartment, Linda Adkins says someone else came to her rescue."I didn't have no inkling that it was on fire," said Adkins. Adkins, who is wheelchair-bound, says she was lying in bed, watching TV. Just outside, her future son-in-law Justin LaMonte Blackstock noticed a real-life drama."We seen the smoke that's what alarmed everyone that was outside," said Blackstock. Blackstock, along with a few other family members and neighbors, rushed in to get Adkins."They said 'mama you got to get out'. I looked around and saw they were really for real," said Adkins. Blackstock says he helped Adkins into her wheelchair and rushed her to safety."I was upset, I was just thinking about getting some of my things out," said Adkins. Soon, firefighters got to the scene and put out the flames. Adkins says much of her home has been lost."It's still not believable, still thinking it's just something that's going to be over with," said Adkins. Now only some outside smoke damage and trash show the extent of the fire. But Adkins will not soon stop thinking about what could have happened."I probably wouldn't have made it. I think about that too. Thank goodness some people were around there," said Adkins.Adkins is staying with family for the time being. The Fire Department says the cause of the fire was children playing with a lighter.