Hampden-Sydney's President Calls Shooting 'Unacceptable'

Bullet Hole

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr | Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Prince Edward Co., VA - The president of Hampden-Sydney College is vowing to evaluate the school's security procedure after at least five shots were fired during an on-campus party early Sunday morning.

No one was injured in the incident, but a bullet came close to one student who says he was sitting on his couch inside the Minority Student Union House when gunfire erupted.

Witnesses told police that around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, one of three male suspects fired a handgun as they backed away from the MSU building. Campus police discovered one of the bullets lodged in the building's outside wall.

The school issued an emergency alert through text messages, emails and electronic bulletin boards on campus at 3:35 a.m. By then, a school spokesman says the situation was under control, and did not pose a threat to campus. The "all clear" was given at 4:59 a.m.

"This disturbing incident has shaken us all," President Christopher B. Howard said in a statement to students, faculty, staff and parents. "I want to assure you we are conducting a thorough investigation into what happened so that we can identify who did it and take appropriate and immediate action against them."

School officials say the perpetrators are believed to have no official ties to the College.

The Farmville Police Department arrested two men for a traffic violation not long after the shots were fired.

Campus police are trying to determine whether the two cases are connected. Anyone with information is asked to call the College Police Department at 434-223-6164.