D-Day Vet & Fallen Soldiers to Be Honored at Halifax Co. Service

Halifax Co., VA - Pete Myers was just 17 when he joined Company F in Halifax County, and he vividly remembers storming the beach at Normandy on D-Day.

"Some of the best buddies I ever had was in this picture here, " Myers said.

He is the last living member of Company F, who bravely stormed the beach under a rain of enemy fire that fateful day.
"We had two hundred men in my company. First day we lost 79 men, " Myers said.
He had been hit in the leg and spent 2 and a half agonizing days on the beach watching his fellow soldiers suffer and die before he was rescued.
"I couldn't help myself and I couldn't help them. You'll never forget it as long as you live. It's an awful feeling, awful sight, " said Myers.
He will be honored on Sunday for his service to our country, but for Myers, being there to pay homage to his fellow soldiers that have passed on is most important.
"It means a whole lot because I know what they went through. I know they gave everything, " he said.
The Halifax County Veteran's Association has been holding this event for years at the site of the war memorial as a way to highlight the service of men and women from the area.
"This is a religious service to pay tribute and to pray for our country, for those soldiers who have fallen, for those soldiers who are on active duty, and their families, " said event chairman and Vietnam Veteran Frank Carr.
Carr hopes attendees will be reminded of the ultimate sacrifice they made for the citizens of this country.
"Without them, we would not have the freedoms that we have in the United States today, " Carr said.The Memorial Day Tribute Service will be held Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Halifax War Memorial on Main Street.
American Legion Post eight will conclude the event with a gun salute.